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Shelley’s Vegetarianism – Wikipedia

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**Background and Contributors**:
– Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote essays on vegetarianism and animal rights.
– William Edward Armytage Axon was a prominent figure in the vegetarian movement.
– Axon was involved with the Vegetarian Society and the Shelley Society.
– Axon wrote about Shelley’s vegetarianism and its connection to Buddhism.
– Correspondence between Axon and Henry S. Salt regarding a lecture on Shelley’s vegetarianism.

**The Meeting at University College**:
– Axon presented “Shelley’s Vegetarianism” at University College in London.
– Henry S. Salt chaired the meeting.
– Attendees included Alexander Hay Japp and Frederick James Furnivall.
– Salt emphasized Shelley’s diet as a means to a better life for humanity.
– Axon continued delivering lectures on famous vegetarians.

**Publication and Content**:
– “Shelley’s Vegetarianism” was published by the Vegetarian Society in Manchester.
– The pamphlet was 13 pages long and cost 2 shillings in 1908.
– It was distributed to libraries in England, the U.S., Germany, and Europe.
– The pamphlet defines vegetarianism as a diet excluding animal products.
– It includes excerpts from Shelley’s poems and highlights his belief in vegetarianism for societal well-being.

**Significance and Influence**:
– “Shelley’s Vegetarianism” is cited in various publications.
– The pamphlet reflects Shelley’s dedication to vegetarianism.
– It provides insights into Shelley’s personal beliefs and practices.
– The publication underscores Shelley’s impact on the vegetarian movement.
– The pamphlet remains a valuable resource on Shelley’s dietary choices.

**Reviews and References**:
– Reviews from sources like “Romanticism and the Materiality of Nature” and Romantic Circles.
– Citations from various authors and publications.
– Additional sources related to vegetarianism and the work of Percy Bysshe Shelley.
– Authors and individuals associated with the discussion of vegetarianism and Shelley’s work.

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