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The Longevity Diet – Wikipedia

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– **Background**:
Valter Longo, a PhD in biochemistry, created the fasting mimicking diet.
– Longo emphasizes a plant-based diet with fish, fasting, timing, and food quantity.
– The diet includes a five-day fasting mimicking diet (FMD) with calorie restrictions.
– The fast-mimicking diet was pioneered by Valter Longo.
– Longo recommends the FMD twice a year, with minimal protein intake before turning 65.

– **Synopsis**:
– Longo advises altering diet to prevent age-related illnesses.
– The FMD starts with 1100 calories on the first day and decreases to 800 calories.
– The diet suggests a plant-based diet with fish post-FMD.
– Implement time-restricted eating with daily eating windows of 11-12 hours.
– The book advocates for a plant-based diet augmented with calorie restriction.

– **Reception**:
– The book is an international bestseller in over 20 countries.
– Hilary Bethancourt mentioned the diet may be challenging and costly to follow.
– James Murphy critiqued the book for focusing too much on Longo’s unfulfilled aspirations.
– The book provides guidance on lifespan extension through the FMD and dietary choices.
– The FMD is recommended to enhance longevity and fight diseases.

– **References**:
– Time Magazine featured Valter Longo in “The Health Care 50”.
– Orli Belman’s article discusses the science of fasting and longevity.
– Leslie Barrie’s guide explains the Longevity Diet in detail.
– Various sources explore the benefits and workings of the fast-mimicking diet.
– Studies and experts endorse a plant-based diet, exercise, and fasting for longevity.

– **Notable Figures**:
David L. Katz
Michael Klaper
Susan M. Levin
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert O. Young

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