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Robert O. Young

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**Background and Work:**
– Attended University of Utah on a tennis scholarship in the early 1970s but did not graduate.
– Received doctorates for naturopathy and nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health.
– Resides in Alpine, Utah, and Rancho Del Sol, California.
– Published books include “The pH Miracle” series and other works promoting an alkaline diet for holistic healing.
– Advocates for an alkalarian lifestyle, recommending specific dietary guidelines and lifestyle choices.
– Research on alkaline diets is limited and not widely supported.

**Nutritional Microscopy:**
– Bases theories on live blood analysis and offers microscopy courses for research and educational purposes.
– Live blood analysis lacks scientific foundation and is considered fraudulent by some medical professionals.
– Not generally accepted in laboratory medicine.

**Practicing Medicine Without a License:**
– Previously charged with practicing medicine without a license and faced felony charges for advising a cancer patient to stop chemotherapy.
– Arrested in San Diego in 2014 on multiple felony charges and found guilty in 2016 of practicing medicine without a license.
– Allegations of selling herbal products to treat illnesses without proper credentials.

**Controversial Claims and Criticism:**
– Made controversial comments about Bill Gates and vaccines in 2020, suggesting sterilization and population control motives.
– Comments were debunked by fact-check organizations and raised concerns about misinformation and conspiracy theories.
– Lists prominent figures in the field of alternative medicine and individuals who have criticized Young’s theories.
– Touches on topics like detoxification and vaccine hesitancy, showcasing a range of beliefs and approaches to health.
– Highlights the controversies and debates surrounding Young’s work.

**Case Study and Further Information:**
– Kim Tinkham’s case: Diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, adopted Young’s protocols for treatment, and promoted them on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
– Claimed to be cancer-free in 2008 but passed away from cancer in 2010.
– Includes a list of unproven and disproven cancer treatments, additional resources, and information related to the topic.
– Provides a comprehensive view of related subjects, serves as a reference for further exploration, and helps in understanding the broader context.
– References various sources like news articles, trial-related information, jury awards in lawsuits against Young, criticisms, and legal actions.

Robert O. Young (Wikipedia)

Robert Oldham Young (born March 6, 1952) is an American naturopathic practitioner and author of alternative medicine books promoting an alkaline diet. His most popular works are the "pH Miracle" series of books, which outline his beliefs about holistic healing and an "alkalarian" lifestyle. Young came to prominence after appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show featured his treatment of Kim Tinkham for breast cancer. Tinkham and Young both claimed that he had cured her, but she died of her disease shortly afterward. He was arrested in January 2014 and convicted in 2016 on two out of three charges of theft and practicing medicine without a license. He spent several months in jail in 2017.

Robert O. Young
Robert Oldham Young

(1952-03-06) March 6, 1952 (age 72)
Occupation(s)Naturopath, author, entrepreneur
Known forPH Miracle book series
SpouseShelley Redford

In November 2018 a San Diego jury awarded US$105 million in damages to a cancer patient he persuaded to forgo effective treatment in favor of his alkaline diet, resulting in her disease progressing to an incurable stage 4.

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