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Sheil Shukla

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– Early life and education:
– Born just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
– Parents immigrated from Gujarat, India in the 1970s
– Graduated from Brookfield Academy in 2011
– Studied molecular biology and fine arts in college
– Taught himself to cook and embraced plant-based nutrition

– Career:
– Internal medicine specialist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
– Author of “Plant-Based India” cookbook
– Recognized by The New York Times, Food Network, and VegNews
– Nominated for the 2023 James Beard Foundation Award
– Listed as one of the Top 100 Vegan Cookbooks of All Time

– Book:
– Title: “Plant-Based India: Nourishing Recipes Rooted in Tradition”
– Author: Sheil Shukla
– Published in 2022 by The Experiment
– Contains 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1615198535

– References:
– Personal website:
– Featured in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Round Glass Living
– Profile on Doximity and Northwestern Memorial Hospital
– Articles in The New York Times, Food Network, and VegNews
– Mentioned in The Washington Post and Atlanta Journal-Constitution

– Notable individuals:
David L. Katz
Michael Klaper
Susan M. Levin
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert O. Young

Sheil Shukla (Wikipedia)

Sheil Shukla is an American board-certified internal medicine specialist. He is also a recipe developer, food photographer, and cookbook author, who explores the use of plant-based nutrition as preventative clinical medicine. His first cookbook, Plant-Based India, was nominated for the 2023 James Beard Foundation Award.

Sheil Shukla
OccupationInternal medicine specialist and author
EducationDO, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Genreplant-based nutrition
Notable worksPlant-Based India
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