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The China Study – Wikipedia

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**Book Overview and Recommendations:**
– “The China Study” examines the link between animal product consumption and chronic illnesses.
– It is based on the China–Cornell–Oxford Project.
– The book recommends a whole-food, vegan diet to prevent diseases and advocates for avoiding cholesterol-containing foods.
– It suggests supplements for vitamin D and B if avoiding animal products.

**Publication Details:**
– First published in 2005, with a revised and expanded edition released in 2016.
– Translated into multiple languages.
– Companion volumes such as ‘The Campbell Plan,’ ‘The China Study Solution,’ and ‘The China Study Cookbook’ were published.
– These companion volumes support the main book’s principles and offer additional guidance on implementing dietary changes.

**Reception and Influence:**
– Praised by Sanjay Gupta for influencing global eating habits.
– Bill Clinton adopted a plant-based diet after reading the book.
– Received positive reviews for valuable hypotheses.
– Criticisms include lack of direct support for claims and unexplained data exceptions.
– Overall considered scholarly and well-written.

**Related Concepts and Resources:**
– Related topics include calorie restriction, ‘Forks Over Knives’ documentary, Nurses Health Study, vegan nutrition, and nutritionism.
– External links to the official website, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, and other relevant resources are provided.

**Key Figures in Vegetarianism and Nutrition:**
– Prominent figures in nutrition such as T. Colin Campbell, David L. Katz, Michael Klaper, Susan M. Levin, and Robert O. Young.
Vegetarianism advocates like Carol J. Adams, Suzanne M. Babich, and historical vegetarianism literature are also highlighted.
– Chefs and cookbook authors associated with plant-based diets, including Nava Atlas, Mayim Bialik, and BOSH!, are mentioned.

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