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Jane Plant

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Background and Career:
– Born in Woodville, Derbyshire, to Ralph and Marjorie Lunn
– Attended Ashby de la Zouch Grammar School and graduated from Liverpool University in 1963 with first-class honors in geology
– Worked at the British Geological Survey (BGS) and led significant research on environment and health
– Established the high-resolution BGS Geochemical Baseline of the Environment (G-BASE) program
– Explored geological issues through geochemical maps and discovered three belts of alpine type ultramafic rocks in the Scottish Highlands
– Advocated for biomimicry, green chemistry, and sustainability
– Held positions as Chief Scientist at BGS, Professor of Geochemistry at Imperial College London, and was the first female President of the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy
– Awarded a CBE in 1997 for contributions to Earth science and industry

Cancer Research and Dietary Recommendations:
– Diagnosed with breast cancer six times
– Discovered a correlation between cancer rates and dairy consumption
– Recommended a dairy-free diet for cancer patients
– Adopted a plant-based diet for 18 years and remained cancer-free
– Believed dairy consumption increased the risk of breast and prostate cancer

Scientific Contributions and Publications:
– Co-wrote scientific reports and papers, including ‘Alpine Type Ultramafic Rocks and Episodic Mountain Building in the Scottish Highlands’ and ‘Pollutants, human health and the environment – A risk-based approach’
– Publications featured in journals like Nature Physical Science and Applied Geochemistry
– Research topics included ultramafic rocks, mountain building, pollutants, human health, and environmental risks
– Collaborated with professionals like James Bone, Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, and Nickalaos Voulvoulis

Impact and Recognition:
– Legacy as a pioneer in geochemical and environmental surveys
– Influence on public figures like Robert Downey Jr.
– Recognition through honours and references in publications like ‘Your Life in Your Hands’
– Contribution to the field of applied geochemistry and understanding environmental challenges and human health

Collaborators and Co-authors:
– Collaborated with a diverse range of experts, including David L. Katz, Michael Klaper, and Susan M. Levin
– Notable figures like Robert Downey Jr. and Robert O. Young associated with the field
– Involvement of various professionals in related works

Jane Plant (Wikipedia)

Jane Anne Plant CBE, FREng, FRSE, FRSA (1945–2016) was a leading geochemist, scientist, and author. Plant was a pioneer in the field of geochemical surveys and environmental surveys. She was Chief Scientist at the British Geological Survey and was a Professor of Geochemistry at Imperial College London. Plant was also highly involved in the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy (now Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) where she was involved in many aspects including a role on the Council, and was the first female President of the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy, a post she held from 2001 to 2002. This gave her an extensive network of key connections with government, industry and academia.


Jane Anne Plant
Born(1945-02-01)1 February 1945
Died4 March 2016(2016-03-04) (aged 71)
Scientific career
Example of a map created by the G-BASE This map is based on analysis of 1154 shallow (0.05 – 0.25 m) soil samples collected at varying densities.

Plant was diagnosed with cancer six times and studied the link between dairy and breast cancer. She published several books on the subject.

Plant was appointed a CBE in 1997 in recognition of her contribution to Earth science and industry. She was a British Geological Survey scientist until her retirement from the role of Chief Scientist in 2005. Plant was Emeritus Professor of Geochemistry at Imperial College until her death on 4 March 2016.

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