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Vegan Awareness Foundation

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– Activities and Campaigns:
– Since 2000, Vegan Action has certified over 800 companies with the Certified Vegan logo.
– The logo is applied to various products like foods, clothing, and cosmetics that contain no animal products.
– Vegan Action organizes McVegan events globally to distribute free vegan food samples and dietary information.
– In 1995, Vegan Action faced a legal threat from McDonald’s over the McVegan shirts but successfully defended their case.
– Vegan Action has helped introduce vegan food options in dorms across campuses in the US.

– Vegan Certification:
– Vegan Action administers the Certified Vegan logo, a registered trademark for products free of animal products and not tested on animals.
– The logo simplifies shopping for vegan consumers by verifying the product’s vegan status.
– Over 800 companies have utilized the Certified Vegan logo on thousands of products.
– The logo covers a wide range of items, including food, clothing, cosmetics, and more.
– The certification process ensures transparency for consumers seeking vegan products.

– McVegan Campaign:
– Vegan Action organizes McVegan events annually to distribute vegan food samples and dietary information worldwide.
– In 1995, McDonald’s threatened legal action over the McVegan shirts, leading to a defense based on parody protection.
– The story gained widespread media coverage, including mentions in major newspapers and news outlets.
– After two weeks of press coverage, McDonald’s withdrew their legal threat against Vegan Action.
– The McVegan campaign highlights the importance of defending vegan values and freedom of expression.

– Dorm Food Initiatives:
– Vegan Action collaborates with campus groups to introduce vegan food options in dorms across the US.
– The initiative aims to make college life more convenient for vegan students and raise awareness about plant-based diets.
– A successful petition at UC-Berkeley in 1994 led to the inception of Vegan Action.
– The organization works with campus groups to advocate for improved vegan food options in dorms.
– By providing vegan recipes and nutritional information, Vegan Action supports the implementation of vegan-friendly menus in dormitories.

– Media Coverage and Impact:
– Vegan Action’s initiatives have garnered significant media attention, including coverage in newspapers and news outlets.
– The McVegan campaign received widespread press coverage, leading to a withdrawal of legal threats from McDonald’s.
– The Certified Vegan logo has been adopted by thousands of products from over 800 companies.
– Vegan Action’s efforts have made vegan shopping easier for consumers interested in cruelty-free products.
– Collaborations with campus groups have successfully introduced vegan food options in dorms, benefiting vegan and non-vegan students alike.

The Vegan Awareness Foundation, also known as Vegan Action, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Virginia, United States, and founded in 1995. Its declared goal is to help animals, the environment, and human health by educating the public about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and encourage the spread of vegan food options through public outreach campaigns. One of the goals of Vegan Action is to create growth in the vegan marketplace and increase the availability of vegan products. They have introduced a logo to certify vegan products, vegan food options into schools nationwide, and ideas behind veganism.

Vegan Awareness Foundation
Type501(c)(3) non-profit organization
FocusVeganism and vegan product certification
Executive Director
Kristine Vandenberg
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