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The Vegan Society

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**History of The Vegan Society:**
– Founded by Donald Watson in November 1944 in London
– Coined the term ‘vegan’ to describe a diet devoid of all animal-derived ingredients
– Published a manifesto to promote plant-based diets and alternatives to animal products
– Founding members suggested the name ‘Allvega’
World Vegan Day celebrated annually on 1st November

**Definition and Philosophy of Veganism:**
– Initially defined in 1945 as living on fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, and non-animal products
– Evolved into an ethical philosophy promoting animal rights
– Current definition emphasizes excluding animal exploitation and cruelty
– Extends to promoting animal-free alternatives for humans, animals, and the environment

**Activities and Initiatives by The Vegan Society:**
– Provides information on vegan living, nutritional advice, and lifestyle articles
– Offers tools for activists, campaigns on various issues, and local support
– Certifies products with the Vegan Trademark free from animal ingredients and testing
– Publishes a quarterly magazine and hosts a podcast called The Vegan Pod

**Publications and Resources by The Vegan Society:**
– The Vegan News by Leneman (1944)
– The Vegan Sourcebook by Stepaniak (2000)
– Vegan Trademark standards by The Vegan Society
– The Vegan Eatwell Guide developed based on Public Health England’s guide

**Controversies and Challenges Faced by The Vegan Society:**
– Former vice-chairperson faced complaints for controversial social media posts in 2021
– Accusations of racism and lack of acknowledgment of non-western vegan traditions
– Investigation found no evidence of racism but noted unprofessional behavior
– Resignation of trustees before mediation
The Vegan Society’s commitment to addressing challenges and promoting diversity and inclusivity

The Vegan Society (Wikipedia)

The Vegan Society is a registered charity and the oldest vegan organization in the world, founded in the United Kingdom in 1944 by Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley, George Henderson and his wife Fay Henderson among others.

The Vegan Society
FoundedNovember 1944; 79 years ago (1944-11)
FocusPromoting veganism
Area served
MethodInformation, support, campaigns
8,500 (as of 2021)
Steve Hamon
53 full-time equivalents in 2020
Vegan Trademark for the labelling of vegan products
The Vegan Trademark is a registered trademark that registers products as vegan.
Effective regionUnited Kingdom
Effective since27 February 1990
Legal statusRecognised by consumers
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