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Vegetable Cookery – Wikipedia

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SUBTOPIC: Significance of the Cookbook
– First published vegetarian cookbook
– Brothertons were members of William Cowherds Bible Christian Church
– Recipes are ovo-lacto vegetarian
– Recipes include copious amounts of butter
– Guide for early American vegetarians

SUBTOPIC: Publication History
– First published in 1812
– Second edition in 1821
– Third edition in 1829 as “Vegetable Cookery”
– Fourth edition in 1833 with 1,261 recipes
– Two more editions in 1839 and 1852

SUBTOPIC: References
– Cushing’s work on literary disguises
– Antrobus on the Salford Bible Christian Church
– Phelps on animal advocacy
– Puskar-Pasewicz on cultural encyclopedia of vegetarianism
– Gleadle on gender and domesticity in the age of reform

SUBTOPIC: Contributors and Influencers
– Martha’s husband Joseph wrote the introduction
– Foreword in the 1852 edition by James Simpson
– Various chefs and cookbook authors mentioned
– Notable figures like Pythagoras and PETA
– Influence on the modern vegetarian movement

SUBTOPIC: Legacy and Impact
– Enormously important to the vegetarian movement
– Basis for subsequent works on vegetable cookery
– Martha and Joseph Brotherton’s role in the movement
– Connection to the Vegetarian Society
– Impact on American self-identification as vegetarian

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