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A Sacred Duty – Wikipedia

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SUBTOPIC: Synopsis
– Film opens with NASA rocket launch, Solar System animation, and Deuteronomy 30:19 quote.
– Humanity criticized for not caring for the planet per Jewish teachings.
– Ancient Jewish texts provide instructions on environmental stewardship.
– Torah quotes contrasted with modern environmental threats.
– Film advocates for vegetarianism to solve environmental and health issues.

SUBTOPIC: Production
– Film idea inspired by Richard H. Schwartz’s writings.
– Production started in 2005 with a basic proposal in JVNA newsletter.
– Funded by JVNA through private contributions.
– Script went through numerous revisions.
– Controversy over showing slaughterhouse footage in the film.

SUBTOPIC: Distribution
– Film released direct-to-video and on DVD in 2007.
– Over 35,000 copies distributed free to synagogues and educational institutions.
– Permission granted for free duplication and distribution.
– Excerpts of the film posted on YouTube.
– Full version available on YouTube in January 2008.

SUBTOPIC: See also
– Jewish vegetarianism.
List of vegan media.

SUBTOPIC: References
– Jerusalem Post article on meat-free diet as a religious imperative.
– Haaretz article on film promoting Jewish values for global healing.
– Green Zionist Alliance campaign for a sustainable Israel.
– Schwartz’s newsletters on Judaism and vegetarianism.
– List of donors in the film credits.

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