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List of vegan media

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– **Vegan Media Publications**:
Carol J. Adams
– Dunayer, Joan. (2001) Animal equality: language and liberation
– Hawthorne, Mark (2013-11-29) Bleating hearts: the hidden world of animal suffering
– Cooney, Nick. (2011) Change of heart: what psychology can teach us about spreading social change

– **Vegan Media Resources**:
– Francione, Gary L. (26 September 2013) Eat like you care: an examination of the morality of eating animals
– Leenaert, Tobias (2017) How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach
– Murray-Ragg, Nadia (2017-08-28) Top 5 Must Listen Vegan Podcasts
– Livekindly
– Post Punk Kitchens Isa Chandra Moskowitz Talks Opening Modern Love in Brooklyn

– **Historical Vegan Media**:
Viva! Health What is Vegetarianism? (1886)
– Shelleys Vegetarianism (1891)
– Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses (1892)
– Why I Am a Vegetarian (1895)
– Figs or Pigs? Carol J. Adams

– **Prominent Figures in Vegan Media**:
Suzanne M. Babich
Phyllis B. Acosta
William Alcott
Bertrand P. Allinson
Thomas Allinson

– **Chefs and Cookbook Authors in Vegan Media**:
Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots

This list contains media that discuss vegan messages and ideas. They generally involve the discussion of the vegan philosophy and diet in relation to ethics, environmentalism, and nutrition.

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