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Meet Your Meat – Wikipedia

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– Documentary Overview
– Directed by Bruce Friedrich and Cem Akin
– Explores treatment of animals in modern animal agriculture
– Also known as industrial agriculture or factory farming
– Film runs for 12 minutes
– Highlights cases of cruelty to animals

– Animal Cruelty Cases
– Egg-laying hens crowded in battery cages
– Cattle castrated, dehorned, and branded without anesthesia
– Calves separated from cows for veal farms
– Chickens bred to grow quickly, causing health issues
– Pigs confined to small gestation crates

– Impact of the Documentary
– Influenced Burger King to adopt more humane policies

– Related Media
– The Meatrix
List of vegan media
– Earthlings
– Alec Baldwin to receive award at PETA gala
– Burger King Cage Free Announcement to Support Animal Rights

– Notable Figures
Carol J. Adams
– Aysha Akhtar
– Kristin Andrews
– Tom Beauchamp
– Marc Bekoff

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