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Diet for a New America (film) – Wikipedia

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Further Reading:
– “Vegetarian America: A History” by Karen and Michael Iacobbo (2004)

See Also:
List of vegan media

– Sharon Bernstein’s article on KCET’s impact on the beef and dairy industries
– Various documentaries related to food industry practices:
– “Super Size Me” (2004)
– “Food, Inc.” (2008)
– “Million Calorie March: The Movie” (2008)
– “The World According to Monsanto” (2008)
– “Fresh” (2009)

Notable Figures in Vegetarianism:
Carol J. Adams
Suzanne M. Babich
Phyllis B. Acosta
William Alcott
Bertrand P. Allinson

Chefs and Cookbook Authors:
Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots

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