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Phyllis B. Acosta

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– Born at Shoal Creek Community
– B.A. from Andrews University in 1955
– Doctor of Public Health from University of Southern California in 1969
– Established first guidelines for nutrition management of phenylketonuria
– Published over 150 peer-reviewed papers

– Worked with Richard Koch at UCLA from 1966-1970
– Started first nutrition clinic for inherited metabolic disorders at Emory University
– Chair of Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Florida State University
– Director of Metabolic Diseases at Abbott Nutrition
– Developed medical foods for individuals with metabolic disorders

Awards and Recognition:
– Received Lydia J. Roberts Fellowship in Public Health Nutrition in 1967
– Named Outstanding Dietitian by American Dietetic Association in 1991
– Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
– Genetic Metabolic Dietitians International established Phyllis Acosta Scholarship Fund
– Died in Cleveland, Tennessee at age 84

– Lacto-ovo vegetarian
– Co-authored “Diet Manual: Utilizing a Vegetarian Diet Plan” in 1965
– Attended Loma Linda University’s First International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in 1987
– Reviewed position papers of American Dietetic Association on vegetarian diets
– Studied vegan and vegetarian diets with experts in the field

– Authored “Nutrition Management of Patients with Inherited Metabolic Disorders” in 2010
– Principal author of Ross Nutrition Support Protocol Handbook
– Contributed to over 150 peer-reviewed papers
– Co-authored “Diet Manual: Utilizing a Vegetarian Diet Plan”
– Reviewed position papers of American Dietetic Association on vegetarian diets

– Established Phyllis Acosta Scholarship Fund
– Contributions to nutrition management of metabolic disorders
– Role in developing medical foods for metabolic disorders
– Recognized as a pioneer in nutrition management
– Impact on the field of dietetics and metabolic diseases

Phyllis B. Acosta (Wikipedia)

Phyllis B. Acosta (27 December 1933 – 30 September 2018) was an American public health researcher best known for her research on inherited metabolic disorders and vegetarian diets. She was a pioneer in developing nutritional therapy for management of phenylketonuria.

Phyllis B. Acosta
Born27 December 1933
Shoal Creek Community
Died30 September 2018
OccupationPublic health researcher
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