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Ernest Bonnejoy

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– Born in Val-dOise
– Educated at the College of Pontoise and studied medicine in Paris
– Completed doctoral thesis on the application of electricity to therapy in 1862
– Hydrotherapist at Forges and moved to Chars in 1870
– Member of the Société dHydrologie

– Developed scientific végétarisme in opposition to ordinary vegetarianism and veganism
– Argued meat eating causes degeneration, disease, and immorality
– Advocated vegetarianism for moral development and health

– “Principes dalimentation rationnelle hygienique et economique avec des recettes de cuisine vegetarienne” (1884)
– “Le Végétarisme et le Régime Végétarien Rationnel” (1891)
– “Principes dalimentation rationnelle et de cuisine végétarienne” (1896)

Ernest Bonnejoy mentioned in various historical and academic sources
– His work influenced by Louis Pasteur and germ theory of disease

Other Works:
– “Viva! Health” (1886)
– “Shelleys Vegetarianism” (1891)
– “Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses” (1892)
– “Why I Am a Vegetarian” (1895)
– “Figs or Pigs?” by Carol J. Adams, Suzanne M. Babich, Phyllis B. Acosta, and others

Ernest Bonnejoy (Wikipedia)

Ernest Bonnejoy (1833 – 1896) was a French physician and vegetarianism activist.

Ernest Bonnejoy
Born1833 (1833)
Died1896 (aged 62–63)
Occupation(s)Physician and vegetarianism activist
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