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Paul Carton

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– Born in Meaux
– Received medical education at Ecole de Medecine de Paris
– Suffered from tuberculosis in 1903
– Promoted naturist vegetarianism
– Operated a sanatorium at Brevannes

– Held anti-materialist views
– Influenced by Catholicism and vitalist philosophy
– Dietary principles known as Cartonianism
– Combined occultism and vegetarianism for health
– Believed disease resulted from violation of physical and mental laws

– Seen as extreme by medical community
– Original thinker for mixing nutrition with Christianity and occultism
– Leading advocate of naturopathy in early 20th-century France
– Inspired character in best-selling novel “Corps et âmes”
– Works cited in various historical and medical publications

– Influenced by Hippocrates
– Created Societe Naturiste Francaise
– Authored influential vegetarian cookbook
– Students included André Schlemmer and Jacques Chauveau
– Views on health and dieting were controversial but gained attention

– Views on overfeeding patients
– Campaign against butter, meat, and white bread
– Advocated for strict control of eating for curing diseases
– Emphasized natural hygienic principles
– Operated a laboratory for testing dietary and hydropathic ideas

Paul Carton (Wikipedia)

Paul Joseph Edmond Carton (12 March 1875 – 20 October 1947) was a French physician, naturopath and practitioner of vegetarianism.

Paul Carton
Born12 March 1875
Died20 October 1947
Occupation(s)Physician, naturopath
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