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Plant cream

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– 1998 study compared vegan cream with dairy cream
– Vegan cream lower in saturated fat, higher in polyunsaturated fat
– Vegan cream low in vitamin A, no vitamin D
– Vegan cream lower in calcium than dairy single cream

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Authors and Chefs:
Carol J. Adams
Suzanne M. Babich
Phyllis B. Acosta
William Alcott
Bertrand P. Allinson

– The vegan dairy. Nutrition & Food Science, 98(3), 153–157
– Cool Whip by Kraft Foods
– Elmlea Double Plant Cream
– Elmlea Double Whipped Topping by Sisterna
Viva! Health: What is Vegetarianism?

Plant cream (Wikipedia)

Plant cream is an imitation of dairy cream made without dairy products, and thus vegan. It is typically produced by grinding plant material into a thick liquid to which gums are added to imitate the viscosity and mouthfeel of cream. Common varieties are soy cream, coconut cream, and cashew cream. It is used as a dessert topping and in many other dishes and beverages.

Coconut-based vegan whipped cream

Some imitation cream contains a mixture of non-dairy and dairy ingredients. For instance, Cool Whip includes some milk; Elmlea sells both fully plant-based and mixed imitation creams.

As of 1998, plant cream was similar in price to double cream but more expensive than single cream.

Whipped toppings are 'fat foams'; usually made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Upon whipping, some fat is released from the fat globules. This fat 'glues' a network of fat globules. Air is entrapped in this network thus creating the foam. They differ from whipped cream dessert toppings due to containing very little to no dairy whatsoever.

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