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Planeat – Wikipedia

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– Critical Reception:
– Jamie Russell from Total Film gave it 4 stars out of 5 and praised its punchy and inspirational content.
– Jennie Kermode of Eye For Film also gave it 4 stars and highlighted the cinematography.
– Cath Clarke from The Guardian rated the movie 2 stars and criticized its tone and content.
– Charlotte OSullivan from London Evening Standard commented on the movie’s lack of focus.
– Christopher Long from Movie Metropolis gave the movie a rating of 5 out of 10.

– Awards and Festivals:
– UK Green Film Festival Award – Jury Selection.
– FICMA, Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival.
– London International Documentary Film Festival.
– Newport Beach Film Festival.
– Environmental Film Festival in the Nations Capital.

– See Also:
List of vegan media.

– References:
– Damian Carrington’s article in The Guardian discussing the film’s perspective on meat consumption.
– Sheila Dillon’s segment on BBC Radio 4 about burgers and meat.
– Alok Jha’s podcast on climate science and transparency in The Guardian.
– Information from the World Preservation Foundation about Planeat.
– Positive Impact Magazine’s article on Planeat inspiring healthy food choices.

– Notable Figures:
Carol J. Adams.
Suzanne M. Babich.
William Alcott.
Ragnar Berg.
– Howard Williams.

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