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Richard H. Schwartz

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– Early Life:
– Born in Arverne, New York in 1934
– Father named Joseph (Zundel) and mother named Rose
– Not a vegetarian in youth, favorite dish was pot roast
– Started teaching Mathematics and the Environment in 1975
– Married Loretta Suskind in 1960, became vegetarian in 1977 and vegan in 2000

– Activism:
– Explored Judaism’s stance on diet, ecology, and animal treatment
– Authored “Judaism and Vegetarianism” in 1982
– Advocates vegetarianism as the best diet for Jews
– Inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame in 2005
– Active in various vegetarian and animal rights organizations

– A Sacred Duty:
– Inspired the documentary “A Sacred Duty” in 2007
– Distributed around 40,000 complimentary DVDs of the film
– Film explores applying Jewish values to heal the world

– Personal Life:
– Married Loretta Susskind in early 1960
– Modern Orthodox Jew belonging to the Young Israel Congregation

– Publications:
– “Mathematics and Global Survival” 4th edition by Ginn Press, 1998
– “Judaism and Vegetarianism” 3rd edition by Lantern Books, 2001
– “Judaism and Global Survival” 2nd edition by Lantern Books, 2002
– Co-authored “Who Stole My Religion?” in 2011
– Authored “Vegan Revolution: Saving Our World, Revitalizing Judaism” in 2020

Richard H. Schwartz is a professor emeritus of mathematics at the College of Staten Island; president emeritus of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA); and co-founder and coordinator of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV). He is best known as a Jewish vegetarian activist and advocate for animal rights in the United States and Israel.

Richard H. Schwartz
Schwartz in 2011
Born1934 (age 89–90)
Alma mater
  • Activist
  • author
  • mathematician
Years active1975–present
Loretta Susskind
(m. 1960)
Parent(s)his father, John; his mother, Mildred
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