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Jérôme Segal

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**Education and Career:**
– Born in France in 1970
– Obtained an engineering degree from École centrale de Lyon in 1993
– Completed a DEA and a doctorate on the history of information theory
– Worked as a lecturer in the history of science in Paris
– Resumed lecturing at Sorbonne University in 2016

**Work and Activism:**
– Defines himself as an interventionist and writer
– Maintains a blog discussing Austrian politics, racism, and more
– Author of news articles, reviews, and literary pieces
– Journalist and French media correspondent in Austria
– Advocate of animal rights and veganism
– Opposes racism and supports refugees in Austria
– Candidate of the Animalist Party in the 2019 European election
– Speaks against sexual mutilation of minors, particularly circumcision

– Paternal grandfather fled Austria in 1938
– Defines himself as an atheist Jew
– Interested in the question of Jewishness
– Collaborated on the Vienna International Jewish Film Festival
– Worked on the Euro-Festival project

**Marathon Running:**
– Experienced marathoner running in 15 countries
– Claims to run four to five marathons or ultramarathons per year
– Started running marathons in 2003
– Engaged in marathon running as a hobby
– Participated in numerous international marathons

**Publications, Contributions, Writings, Research, and Influences:**
– Publications include works on topics like Afghan and Bulgarian smugglers, Romani people, Jewishness, and more
– Contributions include advocacy against circumcision, exploration of animal humanism, and participation in the Animalist Party
– Writings in various publications like Les Temps Modernes and Libération
– Research areas cover animal treatment, circumcision impact, European immigration, and more
– Influences from historical figures and collaborations with vegan activists, impacting animal rights movements and debates on humanism and animal welfare.

Jérôme Segal (Wikipedia)

Jérôme Segal (born 1970) is a French-Austrian essayist and historian, lecturer at Sorbonne University and a researcher and journalist in Vienna. He is also known for his contributions in the field of animal law. He is the author of several articles and books, in particular on Jewishness and animal advocacy.

Jérôme Segal
Born1970 (age 53–54)
Occupation(s)Essayist, historian, lecturer, researcher, journalist
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