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Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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**Life and Work of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen**:
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen’s early career in Sri Lanka and establishment in the US.
– His teachings incorporating stories from various religious traditions.
– Recognition from religious scholars, educators, and media coverage.
– Legacy including the completion of the Mosque and Fellowship Farm in Philadelphia.
– Authored books, paintings, and a meditation album.

**Titles and Honorifics**:
– Various titles like Guru, Swami, Sheikh, and His Holiness used for Bawa.
– Addressed as ‘Bawangal’ by Tamil speakers.
– Self-reference as an ‘ant man’ for humility.
– Establishment of the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship without appointing a new leader.
– Use of the honorific ‘Qutb’ in his publications.

**Vegetarianism Advocacy**:
– Bawa’s advocacy for vegetarianism as a compassionate choice.
– Authorship of ‘The Tasty Economical Cookbook’ promoting vegetarian recipes.
– Historical publications advocating vegetarianism.
– Notable figures in vegetarianism like William Alcott and Ellen G. White.
– Related topics on vegetarianism like ‘Figs or Pigs?’ by various authors.

**Influential Figures and Related Topics**:
– Influential figures inspired by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen like Coleman Barks and Michael Green.
– Exploration of Bawa’s teachings by the band mewithoutYou.
– Related topics such as Sufism and the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship website.
– Notable references to Bawa’s works and teachings.
– Academic references and research on Bawa Muhaiyaddeen and Sufism.

**Writings and Publications**:
– Works authored by students and others inspired by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.
– Notable quotes and teachings attributed to Bawa.
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen’s published works including books and video discourses.
– Additional publications related to Bawa’s teachings and discourses.
– Research, interviews, and academic references on Bawa Muhaiyaddeen and his teachings.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Wikipedia)

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (died December 8, 1986), also known as Bawa, was a Tamil-speaking teacher and Sufi mystic from Sri Lanka who came to the United States in 1971, established a following, and founded the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship in Philadelphia. He developed branches in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK — adding to existing groups in Jaffna and Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is known for his teachings, discourses, songs, and artwork.

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
DiedDecember 8, 1986
Era20th century
RegionSri Lanka, United States

Bawa established vegetarianism as the norm for his followers and meat products are not permitted at the legacy fellowship center or farm.

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