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Colin Binns

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– Early Life and Education:
– Completed medical degree at University of Western Australia
– Worked in hospitals in Perth
– Moved to Papua New Guinea for eight years
– Received scholarship to complete MPH at Harvard University
– Developed expertise in public health during this period

– Career:
– Returned to Australia after MPH
– Joined faculty at Curtin University
– Founded Curtin Health Service
– Appointed Head of School of Public Health
– Established National Centre for Research into Prevention of Drug Abuse and Centre for Health Promotion Research

– Achievements and Awards:
– Received 2010 Research Australia Lifetime Achievement Award
– Appointed John Curtin Distinguished Professor in 2011
– Honored as Officer of the Order of Australia in 2021
– Recognized for support to health policy, practice, and medical research
– Acknowledged for significant contributions to public health

– References:
– Emeritus Professor Colin Binns. Curtin University
– Lifetime of achievement in health policy and practice rewarded. Curtin University
– 2011 John Curtin Distinguished Professors announced. Curtin University
– Public health champion honored with Order of Australia. Mirage News
– Emeritus Professor Colin William Binns. Its an Honour

– Legacy and Impact:
– Known for contributions to public health
– Established key research centers at Curtin University
– Recognized for lifetime dedication to health policy
– Elevated the profile of public health research
– Served as a role model for future public health professionals

Colin Binns (Wikipedia)

Colin William Binns AO is an Australian public health specialist. He is the John Curtin Distinguished Emeritus Professor at Curtin University and founder of the Curtin Health Service.

Colin Binns

Academic background
EducationMD, University of Western Australia
MPH, Harvard University
Academic work
InstitutionsCurtin University
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