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Date sugar

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– Production:
– Date powder made from paste and maltodextrin
– Mixture oven dried and ground into granules
– Proportion of maltodextrin affects sugar properties
– Recipes for date sugar production at home
– Studies ongoing to determine sugar content in dates

– Date Development:
– Stages: khalaal, rutab, tamr
– Tamr dates best for date sugar (low moisture, sweet)
– Different methods to automate date sugar production
– Importance of sugar content in date selection
– Potential benefits of identifying best dates for sugar

– References:
– Fadel’s study on sugar content in tamr dates
– Firsker’s article on health aspects of date sugar
– Sablani, Shrestha, and Bhandari’s granule production method
– Amerinasab, Labbafi, Mousavi, and Khodaiyan’s yogurt study
– Various resources on date sugar and its uses

Date Sugar Composition:
Date sugar made from tamr dates
– High sweetness due to low moisture content
– Maltodextrin added for texture and properties
– Different types of dates suitable for sugar production
– Potential for date sugar to be a healthy sweetener

Date Sugar Applications:
Date sugar as a natural sweetener alternative
– Use in various recipes and dishes
– Potential benefits of date sugar consumption
Date sugar in commercial food production
– Growing interest in date sugar as a food ingredient

Date sugar (Wikipedia)

Date sugar is a type of sugar found most commonly in natural food stores since it is less processed than more conventional sugars. It is made from dried dates and adds a rich sweetness to recipes, although it will not dissolve when added to drinks. It also does not melt like granulated sugar which can limit its use. It is sometimes promoted as a healthier alternative to brown sugar, although it can be quite expensive. Date sugar is derived from the whole date fruit; therefore can be called a whole food. The sugar content of a date consists of equal parts fructose and glucose (two common monosaccharides), with the remainder made up of sucrose.

Dates on a date palm

Date sugar should not be confused with date palm sugar, also called palm sugar, as this is made from the sap of the sugar palm tree, including date trees. Date sugar is made from the date palm plant, date sugar is a less refined sugar than typical white sugar. Date sugar can be substituted in many foods and beverages.

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