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David H. Murdock

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David H. Murdock:
– Early Life and Career:
– Born on April 11, 1923, in Kansas City, Missouri
– Drafted by the United States Army during World War II
– Started in real estate in Phoenix, Arizona, post-war
– Business Ventures:
– Purchased Cannon Mills in 1982
– Took over Castle & Cooke, which owned Dole Food Company, in 1985
– Acquired Dole privately in 2003 and completed an IPO in 2009
– Owned 98% of Lanai, the sixth-largest island in Hawaii
– Philanthropic Contributions:
– Contributed to biotechnology research center redevelopment
– Established the Dole Nutrition Institute
– Contributed over $500 million towards plant-based diet research
– Involved in cancer research and advancing nutrition
– Personal Life:
– Married six times
– Forbes ranked him among the wealthiest individuals in 2011
– Experienced personal tragedies
– Publications:
– Authored ‘The Dole Nutrition Handbook’

David H. Murdock’s Philanthropy:
– Pledged endowment to DHMRI in perpetuity
– Significant contribution to medical research
– Support for advancing health initiatives
– Commitment to long-term philanthropic efforts
– Impact on promoting scientific innovation

Experts in Health and Nutrition:
David L. Katz:
– Notable expert in preventive medicine
– Emphasis on lifestyle interventions for health
– Advocacy for plant-based diets
Michael Klaper:
– Renowned physician and educator
– Expertise in plant-based nutrition
– Advocacy for vegan lifestyle benefits
Susan M. Levin:
– Registered dietitian and nutritionist
– Advocacy for plant-based diets for health
– Emphasis on evidence-based nutrition
– Contributions to nutrition research
– Support for lifestyle interventions in healthcare

Robert Downey Jr.:
– Acclaimed actor in Hollywood
– Known for diverse film roles
– Success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
– Philanthropic efforts in various causes
– Impact on entertainment industry

Notable Figures in Health and Nutrition:
David H. Murdock
David L. Katz
Michael Klaper
Susan M. Levin

David H. Murdock (Wikipedia)

David Howard Murdock (born April 11, 1923) is an American billionaire businessman, plant-based diet advocate and philanthropist.

David H. Murdock
Murdock in 2003
David Howard Murdock

(1923-04-11) April 11, 1923 (age 101)
Gabriele Murdock
(m. 1967; died 1985)
Tracy Murdock
(m. 1999)
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