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Diet for a New America – Wikipedia

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– John Robbins founded EarthSave in 1988.
– EarthSave is a non-profit organization promoting vegetarianism.
– EarthSave aimed to channel reader response to “Diet for a New America” into action.
– “Diet for a New America” influenced the establishment of EarthSave.
– Robbins’ book combined elements from influential works like “Silent Spring” and “A Theory of Justice.”

– In 2012, a 25th-anniversary edition of “Diet for a New America” was released.
– The anniversary edition was available in paperback, audiobook, and electronic formats.
– The 2012 edition marked 25 years since the original publication.
– The book was made accessible in various formats for wider reach.
– The new edition aimed to continue spreading the book’s message.

**Further Reading:**
– “Vegetarian America: A History” by Karen and Michael Iacobbo was published in 2004.
– The book explores the historical aspects of vegetarianism in the United States.
– “Vegetarian America” was published by Praeger.
– The ISBN for “Vegetarian America” is 978-0-313-36164-7.
– The book provides insights into the vegetarian movement in the country.

– Marian Burros discussed John Robbins in a 1992 New York Times article.
– Sharon Bernstein wrote about Robbins in a 1991 Los Angeles Times piece.
– Colman McCarthy’s article in the Finger Lakes Times highlighted Robbins’ approach.
– EarthSave’s FAQs provide additional information about the organization.
– The EarthSave Foundation was established in 1988 following reader response to Robbins’ book.

**Authors and Works:**
– Various authors like Carol J. Adams and Steven Best have contributed to the vegetarian movement.
– Works such as “Viva! Health” and “Do Animals Have Rights?” have influenced the movement.
– Historical texts like “Shelleys Vegetarianism” and “Figs or Pigs?” date back to the late 1800s.
– Authors like William Alcott and George Cheyne have explored vegetarianism in their works.
– The vegetarian movement has been supported by a diverse group of authors and thinkers.

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