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Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone – Wikipedia

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– Reception:
– In 2017, Food Editor Joe Yonan listed the book as one of three must-have classic vegetarian cookbooks.
– Gourmet magazine praised the book’s clean type, elegant layout, helpful illustrations, and Madison’s warm prose.
– Michael Ruhlman, after 17 years of writing about cooking, mentioned purchasing only one cookbook for inspiration – Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.
– The New Yorker described Madison as a charming guide into the world of vegetarian cuisine.
– Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review, praising its completeness and effort.

– Awards:
– The book won the 1998 IACP Cookbook of the Year award.
– It also won the 1998 James Beard Vegetarian Book Award.
– In 2008, it was selected as the August Cookbook Club Pick by Gourmet.

– The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone:
– Published in 2014, the revised version was praised by The Wall Street Journal for Madison’s teaching skills in vegetarian and imaginative cooking.

– See also:
Vegetarian cuisine.

– References:
– The Splendid Table highlighted Joe Yonan’s list of three must-have vegetarian cookbooks.
– Gourmet’s review of the book was positive.
– Michael Ruhlman provided a book review for The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.
– The Wall Street Journal praised Madison’s teaching skills.
– Details on awards and reviews from various sources were also included.

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