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Vegetarian cuisine

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**1. Vegetarian Foods and Cuisine:**

– Common Vegetarian Foods: cereals/grains, vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, legumes.
– Traditional Vegetarian Cuisine: dishes made from cereal grains, Brahmin cuisines, dishes from Gujarat and Rajasthan.
– National Vegetarian Cuisines: Chinese, Indian thalis, Georgian, Indonesian, Japanese.
– Vegetarian Dietary Considerations: dairy products, health effects, nutrients over calories, meat analogues.
– Vegetarian Beverages and Other Foods: beer, coffee, tea, wine, seaweed-derived products, cultural impact on health.

**2. Vegetarian Dishes and Desserts:**

– Diverse dishes like bibimbap, pasta con i peperoni cruschi, tumbet, salsa, and guacamole.
– Desserts and Sweets: pies, cakes, brownies, halva, peda, gulab jamun, milk-based and dry fruit-based sweets.

**3. Meat Analogs and Substitutes:**

– Chinese style tofu, plant-based substitutes like soy, wheat gluten, and pea protein.
– Precision fermentation for alternative protein foods, history of meat substitution, popularity of plant-based substitutes.

**4. Commercial Availability of Vegetarian Products:**

– Vegetarian-labeled products globally, vegetarian shopping guide in Australia, significant market in India.
– Governmental laws in India regulating vegetarian labels, market availability in most countries.

**5. Health Research and Nutritional Value:**

– Research on vegetarian diets, long-term health effects, lower metabolic risk factors.
– Mayo Clinic guidelines, nutrient density comparisons, food consumption patterns.
– Integrative comparisons of meat alternatives, status, benefits, and challenges of meat substitutes.
– Sustainability of plant-based proteins, insights into soy, medieval food practices.
– Health benefits of vegetarianism, lower risk of metabolic syndrome, historical advocacy for vegetarianism.

Vegetarian cuisine (Wikipedia)

Vegetarian cuisine is based on food that meets vegetarian standards by not including meat and animal tissue products (such as gelatin or animal-derived rennet).

A variety of vegetarian food ingredients that are also vegan.
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