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Rose Elliot

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– Became a vegetarian at age 3 after connecting fish to living creatures
– Grandmother, Grace Cooke, founded White Eagle Lodge
– Started cooking vegetarian food at White Eagle Lodge Retreat Centre
– Published a booklet for charity leading to a successful cookery writing career
– Known for chatty style and anecdotes in her books

Awards and Honours:
– Awarded MBE in 1999 for services to vegetarian cookery
– Authored several popular cookbooks like “The New Vegetarian Cookbook”
– Contributed to astrology with works like “The Zodiac Cookbook”
– Recognized for her influence on vegetarianism and healthy eating
– Received accolades for her contributions to vegetarianism and veganism

– Interviewed as “The Vegetarian Queen” by The Good Web Guide
– Information about Rose Elliot available on her website
– Contributed to various publications on vegetarianism
– Notable figures in vegetarianism and veganism
– Influential chefs and cookbook authors in the vegetarian community

– Developed computer-based service Rose Elliot Horoscopes with husband
– Awarded diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and became Fellow of APAI
– Revised and published “Life Cycles” in 2008
– Patron of Vegetarian Society, VIVA, and The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation
– Member of MENSA and active in promoting vegetarianism

– Known for her impact on vegetarian cookery and lifestyle
– Continues to inspire through her cookbooks and writings
– Advocates for vegetarianism and veganism through various platforms
– Recognized as a leading figure in the vegetarian community
– Leaves a lasting influence on vegetarian cuisine and healthy living

Rose Elliot (Wikipedia)

Rose Elliot (born 1945) MBE is a British vegetarian cookery writer. She has written over 50 books on vegetarian cookery, which have sold three million copies around the world. Her first book, Simply Delicious, was published in 1967. Her latest cookery book, The Best Of Rose Elliot: The Ultimate Vegetarian Collection was published by Mitchell Beazley in 2014.

Rose Elliot
OccupationCookbook writer
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