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Dominion (2018 film) – Wikipedia

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– Dominion Overview:
– Exposes routine and inhumane practices of animal agriculture in Australia.
– Portrays killing of livestock through methods like gassing pigs and skinning foxes alive.
– Uses shock tactics with footage from various Australian industries, focusing on animal rights.
– Managed by Farm Transparency Project and directed by Chris Delforce.
– Funded through crowdfunding and support from Australian animal rights organization Voiceless.

– Film Details:
– Features narration by Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Sadie Sink, and singer Sia.
– Premiered in Melbourne on 29 March 2018.
– Sequel to Lucent (2014), which focused on Australian pig farming.
– Won Best Documentary Feature at the 2018 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.
– Used as a focal point for vegan protest groups advocating for animal rights.

– Reception:
– Australian farmers criticize the film as an attack on their industry.
– Meat Industry Council CEO states the film does not represent industry practices.
– National Farmers Federation acknowledges the need for industry improvements in animal welfare.
– Encourages public to watch the documentary for awareness.
– Received awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Director.

– Impact:
– Encouraged vegan protest groups to promote the film.
– Controversial among Australian farmers for its portrayal of farming practices.
– Recognized by various media outlets for its approach to exposing animal cruelty.
– Highlights the need for improved animal welfare practices in agriculture.
– Serves as a tool for advocacy and raising awareness about animal rights.

– Related Works:
– Features similar documentaries like Earthlings (2005) that focus on humanity’s use of animals.
– Explores the shock tactics used in documentaries like Dominion to raise awareness.
– Studies analyze the impact of films like Dominion on societal perceptions.
– Provides insights into the intersection of veganism, climate change, and media representation.
– Recognizes the role of documentaries in influencing public opinion on animal welfare.

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