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European Vegetarian Union

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– **History**:
– EVU distributed the 1995 film “Devour the Earth.”
– The film was produced by the Vegetarian Society, written by Tony Wardle, and narrated by Paul McCartney.
– Renato Pichler reported in October 2011 that French decrees effectively banned vegan meals in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, prisons, and retirement homes.

– **Purpose**:
– Support and represent member societies on a European level.
– Raise public awareness and promote vegetarianism and plant-based lifestyles.
– Lobby for greater recognition of plant-based issues in policy decisions.
– Promote transparent food labeling for vegetarian and vegan consumers globally.

– **Labelling**:
– The V-Label was in use from 1995 until 2022.
– Since January 2023, a redesigned V-Label has been introduced.

– **V-Label**:
– EVU supported the V-Label as the background organization.
– Some member organizations certify products with the label.
– The label was launched in 1995 and redesigned in 2023.

– **Other labels in the European Union**:
– EVU has pushed for legal definitions of “vegetarian” and “vegan” labels.
– Main requirements include the exclusion of non-vegetarian substances and managing inadvertent traces.
– The European Commission initially resisted changes, but German states adopted a binding definition for food labeling.

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) is a non-profit, non-governmental umbrella organisation for vegan and vegetarian societies and groups in Europe. The union works in the areas of vegetarianism, nutrition, health, consumer protection, climate and environment, and food labelling.

European Vegetarian Union
Formation1988; 36 years ago (1988)
Founded atHilversum, Netherlands
TypeNon-profit organisation
Registration no.109356110578-03
  • Brussels, Berlin, Vienna
Area served
Members (2020)
43 member organisations from 28 countries
Official language
General Secretary
Olivia Ladinig
Felix Hnat
Vice President
Sebastian Joy
Johannes Gilli
Effective regionWorldwide
Effective since1995
Product categoryFood label
Legal statusConsumer recognised
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