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Veganmania in Aarau attracted 5,000 visitors in 2016
– Largest vegan festival in Switzerland
– Moved from Winterthur due to space constraints
– Gossau Veganmania featured 60 stands in 2017
– Polish Veganmania in Łódź drew over 3,000 visitors in 2019

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Authors and Chefs:
Carol J. Adams
Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots

Media Coverage:
– Largest vegan fried egg in Vienna in 2014
Veganmania festivals organized by Swissveg
– Coverage in Tiroler Tageszeitung and National Geographic
– Festivals in Regensburg, Würzburg, and Gdańsk
– YouTube coverage by Best of Swiss Gastro

Veganmania (Wikipedia)

Veganmanias are annual vegan festivals held in numerous locations around the world.

Vendors at a Veganmania festival in Opole in 2016
A tour around the first Veganmania Poznań in 2014 (in Polish)
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