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International Vegetarian Union

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SUBTOPIC: Origin and Structure
– IVU founded the first World Vegetarian Congress in 1908
– IVU’s ruling body is the International Council
– International Council members are unpaid volunteers
– Members of the International Council are elected by Member Societies
– Member organizations include continental and regional vegetarian groups

SUBTOPIC: World Vegetarian Congresses
– The 5th World Vegetarian Congress was held in India in 1957
– Historians describe the 5th Congress as a blend of Hindu nationalism and internationalism
– IVU encourages regional and national organizations to organize vegetarian festivals
– The 43rd World VegFest took place in Sydney and Melbourne in 2015
– Hundreds of vegetarian festivals are organized globally

SUBTOPIC: Impact of Congresses
– The 1975 World Vegetarian Congress in Orono, Maine, was significant in the U.S.
– The 1975 Congress led to the founding of the North American Vegetarian Society
– The Congress in Orono is considered a landmark event in the 20th century
– The event has been praised for its impact on the vegetarian movement in the U.S.
– The Congress contributed to the growth of vegetarianism in the U.S.

SUBTOPIC: Publications and Resources
– IVU has published various works promoting vegetarianism
– Some notable publications include “What is Vegetarianism?” and “Why I Am a Vegetarian”
– IVU has been involved in producing educational materials on vegetarianism
– The organization has a history of advocating for vegetarianism through literature
– IVU has collaborated with authors to promote vegetarianism

SUBTOPIC: Key Figures
– Notable figures in the vegetarian movement include Nava Atlas and Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots is recognized as a key figure in the vegetarian community
BOSH! is a prominent name in the vegetarian cookbook author space
– Various chefs and authors have contributed to promoting vegetarianism
– The vegetarian movement has been supported by influential figures in the culinary world

The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) is an international non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote vegetarianism. The IVU was founded in 1908 in Dresden, Germany.

International Vegetarian Union
PredecessorVegetarian Federal Union
Formation1908; 116 years ago (1908)
Founded atDresden, Germany
PurposePromotion of vegetarianism

It is an umbrella organisation, which includes organisations from many countries, and often organises World and Regional Vegetarian Congresses. These alternate in two-year cycles.

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