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Food for Life Global

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**History and Global Impact**:
– Food for Life originated in 1974 in Mayapur, India.
Food for Life Global serves over 1 million free meals daily.
– Engages in various hunger relief efforts worldwide.
– Provided food relief during disasters globally.
– Distributed over 8 billion meals since inception.
– Projects operate in over 65 countries worldwide.

**Cryptocurrency Donations and Initiatives**:
Food for Life Global accepts cryptocurrency donations.
– The Kindly Ecosystem supports social impact and aids in serving vegan meals.
– The Giving Block facilitates cryptocurrency donations.
– One of the first charities to accept crypto donations.

**Relief Efforts**:
– Provided vegan meals during the Covid-19 pandemic.
– Distributed meals to needy individuals worldwide.
– Responded to disasters like the Siege of Sarajevo, Chechen Wars, 2004 Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina.
– Freshly cooked vegan meals provided to first responders.

**Location, Focus, and Partnerships**:
– Headquartered in Delaware, USA.
– Focus areas include world hunger and equality.
– Key people include Juliana Castaneda and Steve Manz.
– ISKCON Food Relief Foundation’s Annamrita program serves over a million children daily.
– New executive committee for FFLG offices in the USA and Europe.
– Focus on promoting Vedic culture of hospitality and spiritual equality.

**Founders, Activities, and Initiatives**:
– Co-founded by Paul Rodney Turner, Mukunda Goswami, and Rukmini Walker.
– Paul Rodney Turner is the international director.
– Distributes plant-based meals globally.
– Promotes peace and unity through pure food.
– Food Yoga initiative educates on spiritualizing the relationship with food.
– Advocates for a vegan-only meal policy since 1998.

Food for Life Global is a non-profit vegan food relief organization founded in 1995 to serve as the headquarters for Food for Life projects. Food for Life Global has its roots in ISKCON dating back to 1974. It is a completely independent non-profit organization that supports the work of Food for Life projects both inside and outside of ISKCON. Its network of 291 affiliates span the globe, with projects occupying over 65 countries. Volunteers provide over 1 million free meals daily. Food For Life engages in various sorts of hunger relief, including outreach to the homeless, provision for disadvantaged children throughout India, and provision for victims of natural disasters around the world.

Food for Life Global
FounderPaul Rodney Turner
FocusWorld hunger and equality
  • Delaware, USA
OriginsWas first founded in Potomac, MD, in 1995; however, it has roots dating back to 1974
Area served
Key people
Juliana Castaneda, Steve Manz
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Member of Food for Life Russia giving food
Food for Life distributes food produced solely from vegan and lacto-vegetarian ingredients.

With roots in India, the Food for Life project views itself as a modern-day revival of the ancient Vedic culture of hospitality and service to those in need. It was conceived in 1974 as a local food relief in Mayapur, India, as part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. In 1995, the headquarters was established in Maryland, United States, to help support the expansion of the project, temporarily moved to Slovenia from 2015 to 2017, and then re-established in Delaware, United States, in 2017.

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