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Vegetarian and vegan symbolism

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**Vegetarian and Vegan Symbols:**
– Green dot symbol for lacto-vegetarian food
– Redish-brown triangle symbol for non-vegetarian food
– Symbols mandated on packaged food in India by the Food Safety and Standards Act
– Adoption of new symbols for non-vegetarian and vegan food
– Vegan Trademark by The Vegan Society
– Iconic sunflower symbol for vegan products
– Enclosed V symbol on social networks
Seedling emoji used for veganism representation
– Veganarchy symbol combining Circle-V with Circle-A

**Certification and Trademarks:**
– V-Label
– Originated from the European Vegetarian Union
– Standardized international vegan and vegetarian label
– Supported by EVU for easy product identification
– Aimed at promoting vegan and vegetarian products
– Facilitates consumer choice in selecting products
Vegetarian Society approved trademark
– World’s first vegetarian accreditation symbol
– Created by Vegetarian Society in 1969
– Criteria for products to display the trademark
– Independent verification by Vegetarian Society
– Ensures products meet specific vegetarian standards

**Vegan Flag:**
– Designed to represent veganism
– Consists of blue and green triangles forming a V
– Colors represent natural habitats of animals
– Symbolizes human-animal respect
– Inspired by LGBT rainbow flag for unity among activists

**Key Figures in Vegetarianism and Veganism:**
Carol J. Adams
William Alcott
Ragnar Berg
Helen Nearing
– Howard Williams

**Publications, Historical Figures, and Influential Chefs:**
– Publications on Vegetarianism and Veganism
– ‘What is Vegetarianism?’ by Viva! Health (1886)
– ‘Shelleys Vegetarianism’ (1891)
– ‘Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses’ (1892)
– ‘Why I Am a Vegetarian’ (1895)
– ‘Figs or Pigs?’ by Carol J. Adams
– Historical Figures in Vegetarianism and Veganism
Maximilian Bircher-Benner
– George Black
– Ernest Bell
Henry S. Clubb
– James Simpson
– Chefs and Cookbook Authors in the Vegetarian and Vegan Movement
Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots
Kathleen Keen Zolber

Multiple symbols have been developed to represent lacto-vegetarianism and veganism. Several are used on food packaging, including voluntary labels such as The Vegan Society trademark or the V-Label (with support of the European Vegetarian Union) as well as the vegetarian and non-vegetarian marks mandated by the Indian government. Symbols may also be used by members of the vegetarian and vegan communities to represent their identities, and in the course of animal rights activism.[citation needed]

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