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J. L. Buttner

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– Buttner obtained his M.D. from Yale Medical School in 1909
– Received the Campbell Gold Medal for the highest rank on his examination
– Received the Keese Prize for his thesis
– Described as a recognized representative in the literature of vegetarianism in 1916
– Practiced medicine in New Haven, Connecticut

A Fleshless Diet:
– Buttner’s book “A Fleshless Diet” was published in 1910
– Widely reviewed in medical journals with a mixed response
– Argued for a fleshless diet based on comparative anatomy and nutrition
– Recommended diet consisted of vegetables, eggs, and milk
– Reviews ranged from praise for compiling useful research to criticism for lack of scientific discretion

Vegetarianism Advocacy:
– Buttner’s vegetarianism advocacy was based on scientific arguments
– Defined a vegetarian as one who does not habitually consume flesh food
– Argued that meat is dangerous and unnecessary
– Advocated for a diet of vegetables, eggs, and milk
– Received mixed reviews from medical journals and magazines

Medical Community Reception:
– Reviews in medical journals varied from recommending the book as a reference work to criticizing its lack of scientific basis
– Positive reviews noted the rational and scientific case presented for a vegetable diet
– Negative reviews highlighted the failure to show scientific basis for conclusions drawn
– Mixed reception from the medical community regarding the beneficial results of total abstinence from flesh foods
– Positive reviews acknowledged the book as a reasonable argument against the use of meat

Legacy and Influence:
– Buttner’s book “A Fleshless Diet” left a lasting impact on the discussion around vegetarianism
– Despite mixed reviews, the book was considered a valuable contribution to dietetic research
– The book was commended for presenting a rational and scientific case for a vegetable diet
– Buttner’s advocacy for a fleshless diet influenced subsequent discussions on vegetarianism
– The book’s arguments against the use of meat were considered reasonable and believable

J. L. Buttner (Wikipedia)

Jacques Louis Buttner (born 1876) was a French American physician and vegetarianism activist.

Jacques Louis Buttner
EducationYale Medical School
Occupation(s)Physician, writer
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