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List of countries by artichoke production

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– Top Artichoke Producing Countries:
– Italy: 500,000 metric tonnes
– Egypt: 381,000 metric tonnes
– Spain: 288,000 metric tonnes
– Argentina: 101,000 metric tonnes
– Peru: 90,000 metric tonnes

– World Artichoke Production:
– Total global production in 2016: 1,422,248 metric tonnes
– Italy leads in production with 35% of the world’s output
– Other major producers include Egypt, Spain, Argentina, and Peru
– Artichoke production is significant in the Mediterranean region
– High demand for artichokes drives production in these countries

– Data Source:
– Information based on the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database
– FAOSTAT is a key source for agricultural statistics
– Data specifically focused on artichoke production in 2016
– Reliable data assists in understanding global agricultural trends
– Statistics help in analyzing production patterns and market trends

– Importance of Artichoke Production:
– Artichokes are a valuable crop worldwide
– Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
– Used in various cuisines and dishes
– Economic significance for countries producing artichokes
– Supports livelihoods of farmers and contributes to the economy

– Agricultural Significance:
– Artichoke cultivation is a vital part of agriculture
– Requires specific growing conditions
– Provides employment opportunities
– Diversifies agricultural output
– Promotes agricultural sustainability and food security

This is a list of countries by artichoke production in 2016, based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database. The estimated total world artichoke production for 2016 was 1,422,248 metric tonnes.

Countries by artichoke production in 2016
A map of artichoke production, 2005

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