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Matthew Kenney

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**Early Life and Education:**
Matthew Kenney was born in Connecticut in the 1960s and grew up in Searsport, Maine.
– He graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in political science.
– Kenney pursued culinary education at the International Culinary Center.
– After graduating in 1990, he worked in various kitchens in New York City.

**Career Highlights:**
– Kenney opened his first restaurant, Matthews, in New York City in 1993.
– He was named Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chef in 1994.
– Kenney operated several other restaurants like Mezze and Monzu/Canteen.
– Known for his contributions to plant-based cuisine.
– Economic challenges post-9/11 led to closures of his restaurants.

**Culinary Ventures:**
– Kenney, along with partners, opened Pure Food and Wine in NYC in 2004, known for its vegan offerings.
– Founded culinary academies in Oklahoma City, Santa Monica, and Belfast, focusing on plant-based culinary education.
– Launched Matthew Kenney Cuisine in 2012, offering plant-based services globally.
– Expanded with ventures like Plant City in Providence and various plant-based restaurants globally.

**Media Recognition and Restaurant Operations:**
– Featured in various publications like Providence Journal, VegNews, Eater, and The New York Times.
– Operates over 50 active restaurants in 12+ countries.
– Various restaurant openings like Baia in San Francisco and closures like Plantpubs Fenway Outpost in Boston.
– Legal issues, unpaid rent, and debt have affected some of Kenney’s ventures.

**Business Developments and Challenges:**
– Experienced closures due to nonpayment of taxes and other financial issues.
– Legal issues surrounding Pure Food and Wine and departures from various ventures.
– Challenges include technical difficulties and closures of restaurants like Liora and Double Zero in Inner Harbor.
– Culinary achievements include being named Best New Chef, contributing to the culinary industry, and receiving accolades since 1988.

Matthew Kenney (Wikipedia)

Matthew Kenney is an American celebrity chef, entrepreneur, author, and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine. He is the author of 12 cookbooks, founder of dozens of vegan restaurants, and founder of the companies Matthew Kenney Cuisine and Matthew Kenney Culinary, a plant-based diet education business.

Matthew Kenney
Kenney in 2016
EducationUniversity of Maine (BA)
International Culinary Center
Culinary career
Current restaurant(s)
    • Plant Cafe, Bahrain (2017–present),
      * plnthouse: The Good Kitchen, Miami (2017–present),
      * Oliver's of Montecito, Montecito (2017–present),
      * Essence Cuisine Shoreditch, London, (2017–present)
      * XYST, New York City, (2017–present)
      * Bar Verde, New York City, (2017–present)
      * Double Zero, (2016–present)
      * Matthew Kenney NM, Beverly Hills, (2016–present)
      * Plant Food and Wine, Miami, (2016–present)
      * Plant Food and Wine, Venice, California, (2015–present)
      * MAKEOUT, Culver City, California (2015–present)
Previous restaurant(s)
    • Arata, Belfast, Maine (2015–2016),
      * Tamazul, Oklahoma City (2012–2014),
      * The Gothic, Belfast, Maine (2013–2016),
      * Matthew’s, New York City (1993–2001),
      * Mezze, New York City (1995–2002),
      * Monzu/Canteen, New York City (1997–2002),
      * Commune, New York City (1999–2003),
      * Pure Food and Wine, New York City (2003),
      * M.A.K.E., Santa Monica, California (2012),
      * The White Lotus, Miami, Florida (2014)
Award(s) won
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