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ProVeg Netherlands

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**History and Structure**:
– ProVeg Nederland was founded as Viva Las Vegas in 2011 by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam students.
– Rebranded to ProVeg Nederland in 2018 through collaboration with ProVeg International.
– Expanded activities post-establishment, leading to the formal foundation.
– Part of the global ProVeg International network for continued development.

**Activities and Campaigns**:
– Operates on effective altruism principles for impactful vegan advocacy.
– Conducts research and collaborates with Dutch organizations.
– Hosts VeggieWorld annually in Utrecht since 2016.
– Introduced VeggieChallenge in 2011 and VeganChallenge in 2013.
– Organizes events like Vegxperience and Christmas markets.

**Events and Festivals**:
– Hosted Viva Las Vegas Food Festival annually in Amsterdam.
– Introduced VeggieWorld in Utrecht, attracting numerous visitors.
– Participates in fairs and events with Vegxperience.
– Held the first vegan Christmas market in the Netherlands.
– Organized one-time events in Nijmegen and Rotterdam.

**VeggieChallenge and Media Coverage**:
– Launched VeggieChallenge in 2011 with significant participation.
– Introduced VeganChallenge in 2013, gaining popularity.
– Launched a free app in 2019 for the VeggieChallenge.
– Over 250,000 international participants as of June 2020.
– Media coverage includes Dutch newspapers highlighting veganism and plant-based diets.

**Vegan Products and Historical Context**:
– Companies launch vegan alternatives like cheese schnitzel and mayonnaise.
– Vegan options expanding in restaurants and cafes.
– Historical context includes early literature on vegetarianism and influential figures advocating for plant-based diets.
– Notable individuals and authors contributing to vegetarianism and veganism.
– Legacy of vegetarianism carried on by chefs and cookbook authors promoting plant-based recipes.

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