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ProVeg Germany

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**Organization Background and Evolution:**
ProVeg Germany aims to establish a future-oriented, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle in society.
– It traces its roots back to a pre-World War II conference and evolved from the Vegetarian Union of Germany to ProVeg Deutschland under ProVeg International.
– Membership experienced significant growth post-2008, financed through fees, donations, and V-Label licensing.
– The organization operates an Active Fund for public relations support and promotes transparency through the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft seal.

**Activities and Initiatives:**
– ProVeg is authorized to award the V-Label for vegetarian and vegan products in Germany.
– It initiates campaigns like ‘Thursday is Veggieday’ and organizes events like the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale.
– The organization publishes the ProVeg Magazin and Veggie Times to promote plant-based living.
– It engages in various media channels, including regional groups and a veggie app for outreach.

**Events and Collaborations:**
– ProVeg organized the 38th World Vegetarian Congress and initiated VeggieWorld to promote a meat-free lifestyle.
– The organization collaborates on projects like ‘Recognising Carnism’ with social psychologist Melanie Joy.
– It engages celebrities like Attila Hildmann and Barbara Rütting in promoting plant-based diets.

**Financial Transparency and Support:**
– ProVeg maintains financial transparency through its model and support from various sources.
– Initiatives like the Transparenzsiegel ensure transparency, and the organization’s funding sources are highlighted in press releases.
– Tools like the Veggie-App aid in promoting ProVeg’s work.

**Educational Initiatives and Resources:**
– ProVeg is involved in educational projects like ‘Karnismus erkennen’ and collaborates with organizations like Swissveg.
– Talks by experts like Dr. Melanie Joy contribute to awareness, and educational materials are available on ProVeg’s website.
– External resources include ProVeg’s official German website, international web projects, and insights from publications, authors, chefs, and cookbook advocates for vegetarianism.

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