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Animal (De)liberation – Wikipedia

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**1. Ethical Considerations in Animal Consumption:**

– Basic idea: Should the consumption of animal-derived products be banned?
– Deckers’ position: Advocates resolving based on optimal human health.
– Moral veganism: Suggested as the default diet for most humans.
– Focus: Impact of diets on health, environment, and global health.
– Consideration of nonhuman organisms’ interests.

**2. Book Chapters and Reception:**

– Chapters: Covering animal products’ impact on human health, ethics of moral veganism, politics, and evaluation.
– Reception: Reviews by various individuals analyzing positive global health impacts and animalism.
– Criticism: Questioning Deckers’ commitment to speciesism and his responses to critics.
– References: Includes reviews, responses, and relevant discussions on animal ethics.

**3. Historical and Notable Figures in Animal Rights:**

– Historical Perspectives: Works questioning ethical treatment of animals, advocating for vegetarianism, and reflecting on ethical food choices.
– Notable Figures: Prominent voices like Carol J. Adams, Steven M. Wise, Henry Stephens Salt, and others contributing significantly to animal rights and ethics.

**4. Impact of Veganism on Health, Environment, and Society:**

– Health Benefits: Link between veganism and lower risk of heart disease, certain cancers.
– Environmental Impact: Plant-based diets have lower environmental impact compared to animal agriculture.
Animal Welfare: Veganism promotes animal welfare and reduces animal suffering.
– Global Popularity: Vegan lifestyle gaining popularity globally as a sustainable dietary choice for the future.

**5. Contemporary Voices in the Plant-Based Movement:**

– Influencers: Chefs, authors, and advocates like Nava Atlas, BOSH!, Mayim Bialik, and Gypsy Boots popularizing plant-based recipes and advocating for veganism.
– Authors: Contributions to the plant-based movement by various authors like Russell Thacher Trall and Rollo Russell.
– Growth: Continuation of the plant-based movement with new advocates and influencers joining the cause.

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