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Rollo Russell

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**Biography of Rollo Russell**
– Born at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park
– Third son of then-serving Prime Minister Lord John Russell
– Educated at Christ Church, Oxford
– Worked as a clerk for the British Foreign Office
– Married Alice Sophia Godfrey in 1885

**Contributions to Meteorology**
– Contributed to the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
– Authored influential pamphlet ‘London Fogs’ in 1880
– Became a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society in 1868
– Co-authored a paper on the global effects of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa
– Served on the council and as Vice-President of the Royal Meteorological Society

**Research and Publications on Cancer**
– Argued from medical literature and statistical data about cancer prevalence
– Recommended restricting consumption of meat, alcohol, coffee, and tea to reduce cancer occurrence
– Examined cancer rates in Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries
– Received mixed reviews for his book ‘Notes on the Causation of Cancer’
– Book ‘Preventable Cancer’ positively reviewed in medical journals

**Contributions to Public Health**
– Studied the relationship between atmosphere and disease
– Advocated for vegetarianism and public health education
– Received positive review in Nature journal for his work on preventable diseases
– Stimulated Bertrand Russell’s scientific interests
– Warned about the health effects of London’s smog in 1880

**Criticism and Reception**
– Criticized by Sydney Copeman and Major Greenwood for lacking precision in statistical data
– Received mixed reviews from the medical community for his book on cancer causation
– Review in New York Medical Journal found his arguments valid
– Nature journal criticized his book for comparing incomparable statistics
– Statistician Frederick Ludwig Hoffman praised his observations on diet and cancer frequency

Rollo Russell (Wikipedia)

Francis Albert Rollo Russell (11 July 1849 – 30 March 1914) was an English meteorologist and scientific writer. Russell was also an alternative cancer treatment advocate who promoted the idea that cancer is caused by excessive consumption of meat, alcohol, coffee and tea.

Rollo Russell
Russell in the 1890s
Francis Albert Rollo Russell

(1849-07-11)11 July 1849
Died30 March 1914(1914-03-30) (aged 64)
  • Meteorologist
  • writer
Alice Sophia Godfrey
(m. 1885; died 1886)
Gertrude Ellen Cornelia Joachim
(m. 1891)
Parent(s)John Russell, 1st Earl Russell
Frances Russell, Countess Russell
RelativesBertrand Russell (nephew)
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