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Ten Talents (cookbook) – Wikipedia

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**Book Overview**:
– Title: “Ten Talents”
– Reference to Ellen White, founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
– Emphasizes the value of properly preparing food
– Draws parallels between talent and the Parable of the Talents
– Focuses on plant-based, whole food recipes
– Includes glossaries of natural ingredients and nutritional information
– 1968 edition with 750 recipes for adults and infants
– Promotes a diet based on biblical principles
– Contains recipes featuring soybean products
– First cookbook with soy milk ice cream shake recipes
– Includes recipes for granola, familia, and cashew milk

**Publishing History**:
– Originally self-published in May 1968
– Updated in 1985 and expanded in 2012
– Published by College Press of Collegedale, Tennessee
– Entered its 44th printing in 1991
– Always published in a spiral binding

– Praised by Santa Cruz Sentinel and North American Vegetarian Society
– Named a must-have cookbook by Vegetarian Times and Washington Post
– Regarded as a classic Seventh-day Adventist cookbook
– One of the earliest resources for vegetarian cooks
– Highly recommended by vegan teacher Victoria Moran

**Critical Reviews**:
– Initially received a 21-point negative review from a Chief Therapeutic Dietician
– Criticized for unsound dietary and medical advice
– Underwent re-editing to clarify information
– Advised to view with caution by healthcare professionals
– Authors made changes in response to criticisms

**Key Figures in Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Animal Rights**:
– Pioneers in Vegetarianism: Elmer McCollum, William Metcalfe, Eli Peck Miller, Harry Willis Miller, J. Howard Moore
– Influential Figures in Veganism: Helen Nearing, Scott Nearing, Francis William Newman, R. E. OCallaghan, Josiah Oldfield
– Notable Ethical Vegans: Cyril V. Pink, Rod Preece, James Rachels, Ulma Doyle Register, Rollo Russell
– Advocates for Animal Rights: Henry Stephens Salt, James Simpson, Alan Stoddard, Russell Thacher Trall, Valluvar
– Vegan Authors and Activists: Ellen G. White, Severin Wielobycki, Howard Williams, Frank Wokes, Sidney Trist

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