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Severin Wielobycki

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– Born on 8 January 1793 in Volhynia
– Moved to Kraków in Silesia in 1793
– Led the Volvnian Cavalry Volunteers in 1830/31
– Studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh with his brother
– Retired in 1865 and moved to Leicester

– Delivered a speech in March 1893 about abstinence
– Vice-president of the Vegetarian Society
Longevity attributed to abstinence from alcohol, animal food, and tobacco
– Member of the National Food Reform Society
– Lifelong teetotaller and vegetarian for 17 years

– Married Helen Reith in 1861
– Helen Reith was a Scottish widow
– Helen Reith lived in Edinburgh
– Severin’s marriage was in Edinburgh
– Severin had no children

Severin Wielobycki, M.D.
– Homeopathy in 1851: J R Russell
– Proceedings of the Society for the Study of Inebriety 1893
– Edinburgh Post Office Directory 1845
– BMJ: October 1893

Other Associations:
– Member of multiple societies
– Belonged to the Vegetarian Society and the Hahnemann Institute
– Also part of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh and the Hunterian Society
– Member of the Medical Society of Edinburgh and the Physical Society of Edinburgh
– Associated with the British Homeopathic Society

Severin Wielobycki (Wikipedia)

Severin Wielobycki (8 January 1793 – 7 September 1893) was a Polish centenarian physician who lived in Edinburgh and London. A controversial homeopath during a period of scientific focus, his adventurous life ranged from being a soldier in the Kraków Uprising and being a noted botanist, vegetarian, non-smoker and teetotaller. He was fluent in Polish, German, French, Russian and English.

Severin Wielobycki
Born(1793-01-08)8 January 1793
Died7 September 1893(1893-09-07) (aged 100)
St John's Wood, London, England
Resting placePaddington Cemetery
Helen Reith
(m. 1861)
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