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Eating You Alive – Wikipedia

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**Film Production:**
– Directed by Paul David Kennamer Jr.
– Released on April 5, 2018, in the United States.
– Screened in 569 theaters.
– Production team interviewed scientific researchers, physicians, celebrities, gourmet cooks, and patients.
– Travelled extensively to film interviews.

**Film Summary:**
– Millions of deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases annually.
Cardiovascular disease causes 17.3 million deaths yearly.
– Documentary criticizes American diet and its impact on chronic diseases.
– Emphasizes the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle.
– Discusses flaws in the healthcare system related to diet and health.

– Deseret News reviewer notes the film as advocacy for a plant-based diet.
Mayim Bialik praised the film on Twitter.
– Portland Press Herald describes the film as thought-provoking.
– Kennamer interviewed on Today by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.
– Film content is informative and useful.

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– Modern Vegan Influencers: Gypsy Boots, BOSH!, Sidney Trist, Jon Wynne-Tyson, Kathleen Keen Zolber.

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