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Scott Nearing

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Scott Nearing was born in Morris Run, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
– His grandfather, Winfield Scott Nearing, was a civil and mining engineer.
– Nearing’s upbringing was in a life of privilege.
– He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
– Nearing received his PhD in Economics in 1909.

Early years:
– Winfield Scott Nearing took control of mining operations.
Scott Nearing’s grandfather influenced his life significantly.
– Nearing’s mother instilled an appreciation for nature, books, and the arts.
– Nearing studied oratory at Temple University.
– He was deeply influenced by Simon Nelson Patten at the Wharton School.

Teaching and Activism:
– Nearing served as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Child Labor Committee.
– He taught economics and sociology at the Wharton School and Swarthmore College.
– Nearing advocated for a new economics emphasizing social change.
– He outlined an economic republicanism based on democratic concepts.
– Nearing’s dismissal from the University of Pennsylvania led to his emergence as a cause célèbre.

Conflict and Activism:
– Nearing’s dismissal from the University of Pennsylvania led to controversy.
– Progressives condemned the decision to dismiss Nearing.
– Conservatives were troubled by Nearing’s dismissal.
– Radicals felt vindicated by Nearing’s departure from academia.
– Nearing’s dismissal was considered a breach of academic freedom.

First World War:
– Nearing joined the American Union Against Militarism in 1916.
– He delivered speeches condemning the Preparedness campaign.
– Nearing taught Social Science at Toledo University during the war.
– The intense nationalistic feeling swept the country during World War I.

Scott Nearing (Wikipedia)

Scott Nearing (August 6, 1883 – August 24, 1983) was an American radical economist, educator, writer, political activist, pacifist, vegetarian and advocate of simple living.

Scott Nearing
Nearing in 1915
Born(1883-08-06)August 6, 1883
DiedAugust 24, 1983(1983-08-24) (aged 100)
EducationPhD in Economics (1909)
Alma materUniversity of Pennsylvania
Occupation(s)radical economist, educator, and writer
Years active1905–1982
Known forpolitical activist, author, and advocate of simple living
MovementSocialism, Communism
Spouse(s)Nellie Marguerite Seeds Nearing;
Helen Nearing
Children2, including John Scott
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