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John Haddon

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**Biography of John Haddon:**
– Father: Andrew Haddon (1818–1894), Mother: Anne White (1821–1878)
– Education: University of Edinburgh, M.D. degree, Thesis Gold Medal in 1869
– Career: Medical practice in Manchester and Hawick, paper on Public Health in 1880

**Vegetarianism and Health Beliefs:**
– Adopted vegetarianism in 1896, practiced fasting
– Opposed drug therapy, advocated for minimalist diet
– Promoted low-fat vegetarian diet for health, opposed drinking water
– Affiliation with Vegetarian Society, authored papers on vegetarianism

**Views on Dietetics and Medical Contributions:**
– Believed in vegetarianism’s ability to cure alcoholism
– Advocated for eliminating animal products for health benefits
– Emphasized dietetics in medicine, authored book on fasting and vegetarian diet
– Presented papers at medical meetings, engaged in diet debates

**References and Publications on John Haddon:**
– Various publications mentioning Haddon’s contributions
– Coverage of his views on diet, fasting, and vegetarianism
– Mentions of debates and presentations in medical journals
– Influence on vegetarianism and contributions to medical literature

**Prominent Figures in Related Fields:**
– Vegan Advocates: Lee, Susan M. Levin, Helen Nearing, Scott Nearing, Henry Stephens Salt
– Nutritionists and Researchers: Elmer McCollum, William Metcalfe, Eli Peck Miller, Howard Williams, Ellen G. White
– Ethical Philosophers: Al-Maarri, Francis William Newman, Josiah Oldfield, Valluvar, Russell Thacher Trall
Animal Rights Activists: Alice G. Marsh, R. E. OCallaghan, James Rachels, Henry Stephens Salt, Alan Stoddard
– Chefs and Cookbook Authors: Nava Atlas, Mayim Bialik, Gypsy Boots, BOSH!, Kathleen Keen Zolber

John Haddon (Wikipedia)

John Haddon (1845–1924) was a Scottish physician, dietitian and vegetarianism activist.

John Haddon
Occupation(s)Physician, writer
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