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Alice G. Marsh

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– Born in Berrien Center, Michigan
– Obtained B.S. in 1929 and M.S. in foods and nutrition from University of Nebraska in 1938
– Worked as a dietitian at Hinsdale Sanitarium and as a research assistant at University of Nebraska
– Professor of Home Economics at Union College
– Conducted Operation Nutrinaut study at Andrews University

– Known for research on bone health and vegetarianism
– Stated lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet as one of the best
– Attended First International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in 1987
– Reviewed American Dietetic Association’s position on vegetarian diets
– Active participant in promoting vegetarian lifestyle

Selected publications:
– Co-authored “One Hundred Studies of the Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Nitrogen Metabolism and Requirement of Young Women”
– Published research on bone density of lacto-ovo-vegetarian and omnivorous women
– Authored works like “About Nutrition” and “Vegetarian Lifestyle and Bone Mineral Density”
– Explored topics like calcium requirement and diet in her writings

– Information about Alice G. Marsh on
– Coverage of Marsh’s work in various publications like Lake Union Herald and The Ministry
– Proceedings from the First International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
– Position paper by the American Dietetic Association on vegetarian diets
– Various works on vegetarianism by different authors

– Retired in 1976 but continued to be listed as a professor until 1984
– Contributed significantly to the field of Home Economics and nutrition research
– Conducted one of the largest collaborative research projects at Andrews University
– Known for her dedication to studying metabolic responses to diet
– Passed away in Berrien Springs, Michigan at the age of 84

Alice G. Marsh (Wikipedia)

Alice Garrett Marsh (20 February 1908 – 26 July 1997) was an American registered dietitian, Seventh-day Adventist and vegetarianism activist.

Alice G. Marsh
Born20 February 1908
Died26 July 1997
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