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Plamil Foods

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**Plant Milk History:**
– Soy milk is a complete protein with all essential amino acids.
Plant milks have been made for centuries, with almond milk dating back to 1390.
– The development of soy milk and soy-based infant formula occurred in the West in 1909.
– Commercial soy milk sales began in China in the 1920s.
– In the US, dairy industry pressure influenced producers to avoid labeling plant milk as milk.

**Plamil Foods Company Evolution:**
Plamil Foods originated as the Plantmilk Society in 1956.
– The split of The Vegan Society in 1944 led to the establishment of the Plantmilk Society.
– The Plantmilk Society aimed to create a commercial plant milk.
– In 1965, the society transitioned to Plantmilk Ltd and was later renamed Plamil Foods in 1972.
Plamil Foods encountered restrictions on labeling its product as soy milk in the 1970s.

**Plamil Foods Products:**
– Plamil products are vegan-friendly and manufactured in their own factory.
– The company is recognized for allergen-free products and organic chocolate.
– Plamil discontinued its support for The Vegan Society’s trademark in 2009.
– Plamil offers chocolate items under various brands and websites.
– Products are accessible online and in stores like Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.

**Similar Plant Milk Brands:**
– Alpro, Silk, and So Good are comparable plant milk brands.
Plamil Foods is featured among vegetarian and vegan companies.

**Notable Figures in Nutrition and Vegetarianism:**
– Historical figures in nutrition include Robert Bell, Ragnar Berg, Rynn Berry, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, and George Black.
– Pioneers in vegetarianism consist of George Cheyne, Henry S. Clubb, William Lambe, Elmer Lee, and Susan M. Levin.
– Ethical and philosophical thinkers encompass Al-Maarri, Francis William Newman, Rollo Russell, Henry Stephens Salt, and Valluvar.
– Nutritionists and health advocates include Lucius Duncan Bulkley, Daniel H. Kress, Elmer McCollum, Harry Willis Miller, and Helen Nearing.
– Modern influencers in nutrition feature Nava Atlas, Mayim Bialik, Gypsy Boots, BOSH!, and Kathleen Keen Zolber.

Plamil Foods (Wikipedia)

Plamil Foods Is a British manufacturer of vegan food products. Founded in 1965, the company has produced and pioneered soy milk, egg-free mayonnaise, pea-based milk, yogurts, confection bars and chocolate.

Plamil Foods
Company typePrivate
Founded1956 as the Plantmilk Society, 1965 as Plantmilk Ltd.
FounderLeslie J. Cross, C. Arthur Ling
Folkestone, Kent, England
Key people
Adrian Ling, managing director
ProductsVegan goods
WebsitePlamil Foods

The company began life in 1956 as the Plantmilk Society, which was set up by Leslie Cross, vice-president of the British Vegan Society, to explore how to produce a commercial soy milk as an alternative to dairy for vegans and others. Plamil became the first company in the UK, and one of the first in the Western world, to make soy milk widely available.

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