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Horace A. Barrows

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– Born in Hebron, Maine
– Married Irene Bearce in 1832
– Practiced medicine in Phillips, Harrison, and Otisfield, Maine
– Died in Harrison in 1852
– House photo published by Portland Press Herald in 2020

Scribners Mills:
– Barrows invested in Barrows-Scribners Mills sawmill
– Mill complex established in late 1840s
– Property sold to Elijah Scribner in 1851
– Mill listed in National Register of Historic Places in 1976
– Mill being restored as a museum since 1984

Vegetarian diet:
– Described positive experiences in Dr. William Alcott’s book
– Brother-in-law benefited from a vegetarian diet
– Ate wheat meal bread, potatoes, butter, and baked apples
– Drank cold water and made own Graham bread
– Advocated for the benefits of a simple vegetable diet

Proprietary medicines:
– Made plant-based medicines sold across Maine
– Medicines included Best Family Physic, Syrian Balm of Life, and Political Ointment

– Vegan Kitchen article by Avery Yale Kamila in 2020
– Find A Grave page for Dr. Horace Barrows
– YouTube video by OTISFIELD TOWN OFFICE on Dr. Horace Barrows
– Information on Scribners Mill history
– Various sources mentioning Barrows in relation to vegetarianism and plant-based diets

Horace A. Barrows (Wikipedia)

Horace A. Barrows (August 8, 1809 – June 7, 1852) was an American physician who practiced in Western Maine in the early 19th century, made and sold plant-based medicines, prescribed a vegetarian diet and invested in local businesses.

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