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Mollie Katzen

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**Mollie Katzen:**

– Early Life:
– Raised in Rochester, New York in a Jewish family
– Studied oboe and piano at the Eastman School of Music
– Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute
– Sister of Daniel Katzen, former Boston Symphony Orchestra horn player
– Entered Cornell University in 1968

– Cooking:
– Cooked at Ithaca Seed Company, a macrobiotic café, while at Cornell University
– Developed recipes at Shandygaff restaurant in California
– Helped found Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca in 1973
– Influenced by the farm-to-table ethos of California cuisine
– Cooked at Moosewood Restaurant until 1978

– Cookbooks:
– Hosted ‘Mollie Katzen’s Cooking Show’ on PBS from 1995 to 2000
– Over 6 million books in print
– Named by Health Magazine as one of five Women Who Changed the Way We Eat
– Collaborated with Walter Willett of Harvard School of Public Health
– Published ‘The Heart of the Plate’ in 2013

– Personal Life:
– Mother of two children, including Sam Black
– Lived in Kensington, CA from 1983 to 2022
– Returned to the East Coast
– Enjoys studying piano and creating art
– Currently working on a memoir

– Works:
– Authored ‘The Moosewood Cookbook’ in 1977
– Published ‘The Enchanted Broccoli Forest’ in 1982
– Released ‘Still Life with Menu’ in 1988
– Co-authored ‘Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less’ with Walter Willett in 2006
– Published ‘Get Cooking’ in 2009

**Historical Figures in Nutrition:**

Suzanne M. Babich
William Alcott
Ragnar Berg
– William Lambe
– Valluvar

**Pioneers in Vegetarianism:**

Bertrand P. Allinson
Maximilian Bircher-Benner
– George Cheyne
George Bedborough
Henry S. Clubb

**Prominent Health Advocates:**

Horace A. Barrows
Lucius Duncan Bulkley
Lenna F. Cooper
Elmer McCollum
Helen Nearing

**Authors and Philosophers on Diet:**

Thomas Allinson
– Ernest Bell
Rynn Berry
J. Howard Moore
James Rachels

**Contemporary Figures in Nutrition:**

Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots
Mollie Katzen

Mollie Katzen (Wikipedia)

Mollie Katzen (born October 13, 1950, in Rochester, New York, U.S.) is an American cookbook author and artist. The author of twelve cookbooks (all of which she also illustrated), she is best known for the hand-lettered, illustrated Moosewood Cookbook (1977) and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (1982). She has written and illustrated three children's cookbooks, Pretend Soup (1994) (dubbed ″the gold standard of children's cookbooks″ by the New York Times), Honest Pretzels (1999), and Salad People (2005). In 2007 the Moosewood Cookbook was inducted into the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame. In 2017, her papers were collected by the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution. This includes all the hand-lettered originals, plus illustrations, from the Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, and is now part of their permanent collection.

Mollie Katzen
Born (1950-10-13) October 13, 1950 (age 73)
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